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Wild Rice-Crusted Walleye

 4 -6 walleye or trout fillets, or butterflied fish
 ½ cup wild rice flour or finely ground Ramona Farms cornmeal
 1 pinch Sakari Botanicals Cedar smoked salt
 1 pinch crushed juniper berries
 ¼ cup Seka Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or more as needed

Rinse the fillets and remove any pin bones. Pat dry. Pour the wild rice flour onto a flat plate and stir in the smoked salt and juniper. Dredge both sides of the fillets in the flour mixture to thoroughly coat.

Heat the oil in a large skillet over a high flame. Without crowding the pan, fry one or two of the fillets in the oil for about 2-4 minutes per side until nicely crisped and cooked through. Drain on papers towels and serve immediately.