Native American Herbal Tea

Originally established in 1987 in a humble building on the Crow Nation Reservation in Crow Agency, by a family of Turtle Mountain Chippewa, the Native American Tea Company continues to be the leader in quality and innovation. The Native American Tea Company, now manufactured in South Dakota, is proud of its heritage, and mindful of its responsibility and commitment to the preservation of Native American culture. Each box of our highest quality tea not only features beautiful representative artwork, but also its story and tradition.

Chief’s Delight
Lead with Wisdom. A wonderful berry blend with a hint of floral.

Native American chiefs are known for having a well-rounded knowledge of many things. They met in tribal gatherings around an evening camp fire to drink herbal tea and make plans for the well-being of the tribe. A special blend of tea would be prepared for the chief with many tasteful herbs that would help him to think clearly and make good decisions. Our Chief’s Delight tea features a wonderful blend of strawberry leaf, juniper berry, blackberry leaf, and many other beneficial and flavorful ingredients. Our Chief’s Delight blend is also great as iced tea! Rich in vitamins A, D, E and B. Natural rose hips and myrtle leaf make this blend very popular.

Good Medicine
Help Yourself Naturally

Native Americans believe that in order to have good health you must first learn to live your life in complete balance with the natural laws set forth by the Creator. Included in these laws are to have respect for nature, to possess a kind heart, and to have high moral standards. These and other beliefs are what Native Americans call “Good Medicine.” American Indians believe that Mother Earth has provided us with plants and herbs that are essential in maintaining good health. Our Good Medicine tea is a blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, wood betony, and other natural herbs that are said to lift your spirits and bring you many good thoughts and feelings. It has a surprisingly minty flavor, which helps open the breathing channels. Naturally caffeine & gluten free.

Green Tea
100% Green tea leaves.

When you’re searching for a tea with a very smooth and mellow flavor, this all-natural green tea is the perfect choice. It is made of 100% green tea leaves and contains caffeine, so, when you’re looking for a warm beverage to begin your day, brew a cup of this and you’ll feel ready for anything. It’s also great on ice! Naturally gluten free.

Indian Love Tea
Share It With Someone You Love

In the Indian culture, when a young man fell in love with a woman, he went through certain procedures. First, he would go to her father with gifts, as was the traditional way. If the father approved of the young man and consented to give his daughter to him, the young brave would start his courtship. He would use his flute to play courting songs while the woman was inside her teepee. Often this would go on all night. Each brave had his own song that he would play for a woman, and it was usually a special song played only for her. If the woman liked the young man, she would prepare a special blend of tea. We call this blend our Indian Love Tea. She would then come out of her teepee to the sound of the music and offer the young brave a cup of tea, a sign of mutual admiration.

With a mellow ginger flavor, our Indian Love Tea is a rich blend of natural herbs, including damiana, ginseng root, and muira puama. It is excellent for overall health and contains natural stimulants. Caffeine and gluten free.

Teepee Dreams
Take Time to Relax

Native Americans learned long ago how to make life enjoyable, to listen to the birds sing, and to appreciate the harmony of nature. The end of the day was a special time, where one wrapped up in buffalo robes and sat next to the fire to eat, tell stories, and relax with a cup of herbal tea. It was during these special times when the old stories were told – stories of the creations of mankind, prophecies, and dreams, as well as other traditional stories designed to teach Indian youths about the good in the world.

With a soothing peppermint flavor, this natural mixture of catnip, chamomile, scullcap, and other herbs is a wonderful valerian root tea blend which soothes and calms, helping you to unwind at the end of the day. Naturally caffeine and gluten free.

Victory Tea
Take Pride in Victory

Since they were introduced by the Spanish sometime in the 1600s, horses were considered to be wealth among all Native American tribes. For the Plains Indians, it was considered an honor to raid an enemy camp, take their horses, and escape unharmed. This form of competition was considered to be quite dangerous and was well noted between the Crow Indians and the Blackfeet Nations. A successful raid was honored with a “Victory” celebration that included a feast. This is where we get the name “Victory Tea.” Herbs that these raiding parties carried were selected because of their lightness in weight, good nutrition, easy consumption and quick energy when needed. Our Victory Tea features a rich punch of flavor with a touch of spearmint, and is created with a blend of hibiscus flower, rose hips, and wild cherry bark. When you need that quick burst of energy, brew a cup of our Victory Tea.

Warrior’s Brew
When Your Best Matters

In the early years when herbs were essential in performing activities of endurance, Indians made different types of herbal teas. Our Warrior’s Brew is a fine blend of many beneficial herbs, including star anise, a small parsley-like plant with serrated leaves. Star anise has long-lasting energetic properties and this knowledge was used to help to build up stamina that enabled young runners to perform tasks of various kinds. Every tribe had messengers that would run from one camp to another, and some camps were as far as 30 to 50 miles apart. A blend like our Warrior’s Brew became one of the essentials for making these fast-foot journeys possible.

With a zesty cinnamon flavor and a hint of orange peel, this blend contains star anise, rosemary, and many other beneficial ingredients. It is an excellent source of vitamins C & D. Contains caffeine. Naturally gluten free.